Friday, March 14, 2014

The House Page - Part 2

Picking up where I left off from The House Page - Part 1, here is the continuation of my first time applique adventure!

After conquering the curves of the sun and cloud, plus the added challenge of the terry cloth cloud, I felt pretty confident with the straight lines of the house.  This should serve as a lesson for me in the future!  Read on...

House 1
Straight lines, not a was following the tutorial instructions that were apparently a problem for me when appliqueing around the door...

House 1 - peek!
On my first go round house 1, I skipped stitching the inside of the doorway, and the door hinge!  Just zipped right across the bottom of the peek-a-boo piece!  Not a tragic error, but an error, nonetheless.  So I zipped around the doorway after.  Applique at the house/cloud border was not a problem.  

So, lesson learned, on to house 2!

House 2

House 2 - peek!
I remembered to stitch around the doorway this time!  But as you can see at the bottom right side of the doorway, I was a little offline.  Oh, well!  As a first timer, I'm pretty happy with my attempt!

Thanks to Sherri at Thread Riding Hood for this great sew-along, which is already increasing my sewing skills!

Have a great weekend!

More to come,

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