Monday, June 23, 2014


So I have been blogging, on and off, for a few months now.  My blog overview has been telling me that people have been viewing my blog posts, but so far, no one has been commenting.

I think I solved that mystery today...

As I was getting caught up on my Bloglovin' feed, I have been hopping through new quilter blogs care of Plum and June.  It is a great hop!  I have been finding all kinds of people who are new to blogging and/or me!! So I'm reading, and reading, and reading...and <<POW!!>>...there it was...a blog post about another blogger who wasn't getting any comments either!  Thank you, Cozy Capatiller, for helping me solve the mystery I didn't even know that I had to solve!  :)

Still working on my sewing room...maybe finished by the end of this week??

More to come,