Saturday, August 09, 2014

Baby Sunnies Hack

I sewed!!  It was hand sewing, but sewing, nonetheless!

I purchased a pair of sunglasses for Maggie (almost 4 months old!) at Mountain Equipment Co-op yesterday.  They were these ones:

MEC Adele Sunglasses (Kids)

When I put them on her with the red strap, they were a bit too big, even on the tightest that the Velcro fastens.  But, I bought them anyway because I thought that I might be able to tweak them when I got home.

Into my supplies I jumped, and came out with 1" black ribbon, 1" black elastic, some black thread and a needle.

I didn't even measure...I just cut off a length of ribbon that I thought was long enough, and then cut another using the first piece as a guide.  After I took off the red strap that came with the glasses, I threaded one piece of ribbon into the slot on each side of the sunglasses until the ribbon was at the halfway point.

On each side of the sunglasses, I folded the cut ends of the ribbon over to the wrong side and pressed them with my finger nail.  I put the end of the elastic between the two folded over ribbon ends and hand sewed the elastic to the ribbon.  I did not cut the elastic to length before I sewed.

Next, I put the sunglasses around Maggie's face and decided how much elastic would be needed to fit her.  I held the length, and cut it.

On the unsewed side, I folded the cut ends of the ribbon over to the wrong side, and just like the first side, pressed them down with my finger nail.  Again, I put the end of the elastic between the folded ribbon ends and hand sewed it in place.

The result...

On my beautiful model...

And while we were on vacation in Kelowna, BC

More to come,

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