Monday, February 23, 2015

Maggie Monday-Newborn Photos

Here is installment 2 in the series of Maggie photography sessions. 

25 days after my maternity photo shoot (see that post here), Maggie decided to make her entrance. Love at first sight doesn't even begin to cover it! (You moms know what I'm talkin' about.)

Our newborn photo shoot was then scheduled. Again, shot by the fantastic Jennifer Hall, in her home studio. Check out her portfolio here.

 How cute were those squishy newborn photos going to be?!? Well, you be the are four of my favourites. 

Wise Winnie

Grumpy sleeper!

A kiss from Goober

My grandmother crocheted the blanket

And really the only reason I had maternity photos taken, was to get this before and after photo. I first saw this kind of photo in a People magazine article when P!nk was introducing her first daughter. I knew that when I had a baby, I wanted the same thing. Jenn did not disappoint.

Look at the love!

Thanks for indulging my over-share!

More to come,

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